Digitize and eliminate repetitive tasks
Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) implementation
Automate the process using an artificial intelligence-based algorithm, removing the influence of human factors.
As well as robots, conveyor systems, assembly lines, and material processing systems.
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Automation technologies, including artificial intelligence, are widely used across almost every industry and business sector. They significantly enhance production efficiency, optimize processes, improve product quality, and reduce costs. Implementing these technologies helps elevate production to a higher level and makes companies more competitive in the market.
In any algorithm, the weakest link is the human factor. Software algorithms work flawlessly and without errors, while robotic machines execute programmed tasks with precision, operating 24/7 with rare interruptions for technical maintenance
If you have already found us, it means you yourself recognize the potential for implementing automation
Boosting productivity
Reducing costs
Integrating databases and management systems
Machine learning
Automating tasks
Our services include
We specialize in integrating automation into your production process, whether it's full or partial, software-based, or machine-based. We will ensure that the transition of your enterprise to an automatic or semi-automatic mode is as smooth and straightforward as possible.
We implement our own data management software and have the capability to develop custom software tailored to your specific needs and business domain.
We have the expertise to tackle the task of seamlessly integrating machines, robots, process algorithms, and consolidating databases and management systems.

Special offer for manufacturing companies

You pay only for the results, as we cover all the preliminary work and evaluation of the current technological process at our own expense. We are confident in the quality of our offer.

You will receive a commercial proposal from us for the implementation of automation systems into your production pipeline, including full integration into your current operations. We calculate your ROI and integrate new types of productivity KPIs based on your specific needs
By “automation”' we encompass a wide range of products that may pique your interest, including but not limited to: Custom Software Development, Robotics and Industrial Automation, AI-Based Solutions, IoT Integration, Process Automation Systems, Data Analytics and Reporting, Virtual/Augmented Reality Applications, Remote Monitoring and Control, Training and Support, Integration Services
and companies with annual revenue more than $100 millions USD.
Individual approach, 100% success rate
About us
We will analyze the production processes together with the manager and the production technologist, and propose automation options for both production and management. We would be delighted to take on a project involving full automation in areas such as manufacturing, construction, and mining.
About us
We are a team of IT technology specialists, led by Chief Engineer Ilya Sorokin.
A graduate of MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Faculty of General and Applied Physics, with nearly 20 years of experience in the Canadian and U.S. markets, working with major international corporations such as Schlumberger, Teck Resources, TransCanada, Electronic Arts, and Gentherm
Automated systems, which require minimal human intervention, streamline assembly, processing, inspection, and material handling. The rise of distributed factories, remote operations, and diverse technological stacks has driven a higher demand for process automation.
In addition to working unsupervised 24/7, machines can also maintain a consistent speed. This means that the production process can continue longer and more efficiently. As a result, you can increase output or work on new products without disrupting production.
While automation may require substantial initial investments, it offers an excellent cost-to-quality ratio in the long term. Depending on the task, simply adding one automated machine can free up engineers and employees to focus on other, more critical tasks. In the long run, automation proves to be a worthwhile investment, enhancing efficiency and productivity while allowing businesses to allocate their resources more strategically.
Automated systems work with increased accuracy and stability, resulting in higher-quality products.
Automation enables the execution of hazardous and repetitive tasks without human involvement, reducing the risk of accidents
Automation in production brings numerous advantages
Increased productivity
Cost reduction
Improved quality
Enhanced safety
What software is used?
We use software from equipment manufacturers and integrate it into our own software, on which we build the algorithm for the production process.
Which regions do you operate in?
We conduct operations throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and are also prepared to explore collaboration opportunities within the Commonwealth of Independent States.
In which industrial sectors do you operate?
We operate in various industrial sectors. Some of them include: Manufacturing and production processes, Oil and gas industry and mining, Automotive industry and vehicle manufacturing, Electronics and assembly manufacturing, Aviation and aerospace industry, Consumer goods eCommerce, Food and beverage production, Construction and building materials.
Our team of specialists is ready to provide automation and optimization solutions in different industrial fields, helping to improve efficiency and competitiveness for your enterprise.
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